Using Facebook To Research Your Target Audience

Using Facebook To Research Your Target Audience

Part One

Have you ever used Facebook ads to promote your music?

Before you answer that, I need to warn you that today’s blog post will not be a lesson in creating and optimizing Facebook ads; although I hope to take a little detour from the Twitter talk a little and get into some of that fun stuff in the coming weeks.

What I actually want to talk to you about is how you can use the Facebook advertising platform to get to know your target audience. And the best part – it won’t cost you a cent!!

Have you ever wondered how many people in your local area like the same type of music as you? Or perhaps share the same favourite band as you?

Well, thanks to Facebook advertising this information and much more is just a couple of clicks away.

OK, so let’s take a hypothetical stroll to a place where I am the hot potato of singer-songwriters, a hit-writing machine! In fact, you could be forgiven for thinking I am actually Jason Mraz wearing a bear suit (yeah, I’m pretty hairy…).

I am gigging 4 or 5 nights a week around the Sydney CBD, and have attracted a solid local following. Life is peachy. But I am beginning to get itchy feet. I want to play to bigger crowds, tour the country, and maybe even cross the Pacific!

The thought of going on tour is certainly an attractive one, but I must admit I am a bit of a chicken when it comes to taking risks. Sure my local Sydney-sider peepz love what I do, but what about people in other parts of the country and those abroad – how do I know they are going to dig my songs???

I don’t, right? Perhaps not… but you know who does?

Facebook does.

It turns out Facebook probably knows more about me than like my last three girlfriends (seriously). It knows my favourite TV shows, which brands I like, where I go drinking with my pals, how I was feeling on November 6 in 2004, and the list goes on…

So I guess what I should be asking myself is:

1. What information does Facebook have that can help me with my problem, and
2. How can I find it?

Ready for more? Head here for part two – where things get really interesting. And just to make sure, I promise to let each of you punch me once if they don’t.

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