Using Facebook To Research Your Target Audience

Using Facebook To Research Your Target Audience

Part Two (read part one here)

So, in case you need a refresher, the pertinent questions being carried over from part one were:

1. What information does Facebook have that can help me to investigate my potential audience in different cities/countries, and

2. How can I find it?

Now as I mentioned earlier, most of my songs would have undoubtedly been #1 hits all around the world (if I hadn’t stupidly lost Jason Mraz’s mobile number…). On this premise, it should be a fairly safe assumption that fans of Jason Mraz will be pretty big into my stuff as well.

To get the information I am after, I will need to get into the Ads section of Facebook. I can do this by navigating to and setting up an account. Note that while you manage ads through your personal Facebook account, you will need to have a “Page” set up for your music before you can get access.

To get started, simply click on the big green “Create an ad” button and set yourself up.

Facebook Ads | Jaden Social

Next we will start building a new ad, although we won’t actually be getting as far as placing an order for the ad (yep, that will cost you MONEY)

In the “Choose a Facebook destination…” field just put anything you like – your FB page, or any other URL will work fine.

Facebook Ads | Jaden Social

In “Location” you can choose to add pretty much any country in the world. I have selected Australia for today. I want my research to be specific to the regions I would like to tour, so I have also selected “City” and entered Melbourne.

If you want to learn about a particular age group or sex, you can also choose this from the next few fields. I want to know about people who are old enough to get into the pub for my shows and young to stick around when things get loud (and LATE), so I have chosen 18-30.

Now comes the fun part! Using the “Precise Interests” field you can search for pretty much any artist, song, brand, venue, and so on. In this case I want to know approximately how many Jason Mraz fans are living in Melbourne. Obviously this will never be an exact figure, but it is certainly a very good indication nevertheless.

Facebook Ad Setup | Jaden Social

So according to my Facebook research, there are at least 18,000 people that live in Melbourne and like Jason Mraz. Pretty cool, huh!

By my calculations, if I manage to get just 1% of these Mraz-loving Melbournians down to my show, I will have sold 200 tickets – enough to pack out my Melbourne show quite comfortably. Woohoo!!

So I guess all that remains now is book my flights, pack my bags and shave my shoulders.

Get ready world, here I come!!

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  1. Paul-Anthony Surdi says:

    Brillant! Never, ever thought of that! Great ideas from down-under!

  2. Awesome, very interesting to focus on things closer to home in Australia! Can’t wait for part 3 :)

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