Music for your fans, or fans for your music?

Music for your fans, or fans for your music?

There is no right or wrong approach when it comes to creating music. But there is such a thing as starving.

As a semi-professional songwriter, producer and musician who shares a rather volatile relationship with creativity and originality, I can hardly even fathom the thought of pre-meditating a style & sound; in other words, creating music that has a clear-cut audience and fits neatly into one of several stylistic pigeon holes created by ‘the man’ – just to be current and ‘marketable’.

After living, breathing and creating music for more than a decade, it feels a bit like I’ve accidentally smeared vegemite down the shirt sleeve of my soul by even discussing this hypothetically.

But on the other hand, I am a business man; an entrepreneur with an empire to build and an eye for opportunity – a disposition that lends itself to forward thinking & planning and careful calculations.

I am now faced with a conundrum.

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