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BLOG / 5 Jun 2016 /

Ryan Jon to host new ‘Influencers Podcast’ sponsored by Jaden Social and Tribe

An influencer’s unique ability to create a lifestyle business doing what they love is the inspiration behind the Influencers Podcast, available now.

Podcast host and executive producer Ryan Jon, with an Honours Degree in finance, is not your typical breakfast radio personality.

After working in the corporate world, the HIT 104.7 Canberra presenter happily hung up his suit and tie, swapping a calculator for a microphone, but he hasn’t lost his inquisitive nature for dollars and cents.

Ryan is fascinated and admittedly jealous by the rising underworld of social influencers.

Ryan Jon said: “Everyone I’ve spoken to in this series is doing exactly what they want. It’s been fascinating to hear how people have turned hobbies and passion projects into full-time careers. It’s really impressive.”

In this new 12-episode series Ryan chats to Australian influencers making a living online.

Pia Muehlenbeck, Steph Claire Smith, Jules Lund, Sketch She, Hayden Quinn, StyleRunner, Adam Ferrier and even those who own some of the internet’s most recognisable pets.

It’s a goldmine of insights and answers from the insta-famous, almost-famous, and the brands who want to collaborate with them.

  • Adam Ferrier is a consumer psychologist and author of the book, The Advertising Effect. He’s also written for TIME, The Wall Street Journal and Fast Company as well as appearing on The Gruen Transfer. [LISTEN]
  • Steph Claire Smith is closing in one million followers on instagram. She talks about the difference between instagram gigs and traditional modelling gigs and the importance of of her social media platforms remaining authentic. [LISTEN]
  • Hayden Quinn was on Masterchef a few years and unlike other many other reality show contestants, was patient and smart while looking into opportunities and it’s paid off, recently launching his own cooking show on the ABC. HE talks about saying no and discusses just how much effort can go into his food pics for instagram. [LISTEN]
  • The girls from Sketch She are killing with online videos. They talk about how they make videos, how a hobby is becoming a business and reveal the embarrassing modelling gigs they did before Sketch She came together. [LISTEN]
  • Jules Lund talks about his move from TV and radio star to founding a tech company. He talks about where he found his passion for digital and reveals his next (surprising) passion. [LISTEN]
  • In 12 months Pia Muehlenbeck went from being a full-time lawyer without Instagram to having 1 million followers and a thriving activewear business. [LISTEN]
  • Nic Kelly is more than just a music fan! He’s now changing and influencing an industry — and he’s only 20! He talks about his new landmark deal with major record label EMI. [LISTEN]
  • Lauren Bath is a travel photographer and Australia’s first full-time Instagrammer! [LISTEN]

The first eight episodes of the Influencers Podcast will be available now and podcast platforms including iTunes and the Omny App.

Influencers Podcast Sponsors:

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