Introducing our new FAVOURITE content scheduling tool… BUFFER

Introducing our new FAVOURITE content scheduling tool… BUFFER

As I’m sure you can tell from the title, either my capslock key is broken or I am pretty damn excited about a content scheduler called Buffer!

If you are not currently using it to manage and automate your content posting, Buffer is about to catapult all the way to the top of your Social Media hit list. During the course of our daily tasks we have been trying a whole bunch of different apps for scheduling our Jaden Social content (and also that of our clients) – including Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Crowdbooster, Argyle Social, and the list goes on…

The main thing I dislike about most of these scheduling tools is the need to continuously choose a date and time each time you drop in a new piece of content. With Buffer you simply set up a daily schedule, then each post you add is automatically queued and published accordingly. Bewwwwwdiful!! And in case you don’t want your posts to be dropping like clockwork each day, you can have multiple schedules and choose which day(s) of the week they are active.

Buffer | Jaden Social

The other thing I really love about Buffer is that it automatically shortens all links for you with its own shortening service. And just in case you caught my post on link shortening and tracking and want to keep it in the family, Buffer also integrates seamlessly with – simply hook it up to your existing account and it starts tracking your links instantly. Woohooo!!

Buffer comes with a bunch of nice apps and extensions to make your life and scheduling easier, including a great Chrome/Safari/Firefox plugin that allows you to instantly add cool articles, pictures and videos that you find  to your queue.

Buffer Plugin | Jaden Social

It’s free to try, but if you’re after the full Buffer experience then you will definitely want to “Go Awesome” for a mere $10/month – which allows you to connect 12 accounts and schedule up as many posts as your heart desires. And with such a beautiful, simplistic and even addictive interface, you may just find yourself RSVPing to more and more Facebook event invites in the negatory just to free up more time for queuing!

Buffer Interface | Jaden Social

And lastly but not leastly, I think the outstanding customer service experience provided by the team at Buffer deserves a special mention – these guys are all over their shit and get back to my emails in less than an hour every time. I guess when you represent a great company and a killer product it’s easy to keep your customers smiling!!

Go and check this totally awesome tool out NOW –, and remember to share this post if you love Buffer as much as we do.

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