In the Studio with Jack

In the Studio with Jack

Several weeks back I got a call from good friend and very talented musician & singer Kristen. She was calling to let me know that she’d recently crossed paths with a talented young singer named Jack Vidgen.

I’m sure many of you already know Jack as the winner of last year’s season of Australia’s Got Talent, and last week I had the opportunity to find out why – first hand.

When I spoke with her, Kristen had already spent a couple of sessions working with Jack on a song that she and I had demo’d last year. After locking away some studio time, the two of them made their way over to my Northern Beaches home studio on a sunny Saturday morning to track his vocals.

And in 5 minutes flat I immediately understood the hype around Jack Vidgen.

Man oh man, the kid can sing!

Not only does he have an impressive range, but his voice is powerfully mature well beyond his years; even possessing that ultra-rare talent which undoubtedly helped to make Mariah Carey and Minnie Ripperon the household names that they are – the ‘whistle register’.

Flying through the track in just a couple of hours, the three of us had plenty of laughs and got some fantastic takes down – all in all, a great session and a pleasure to collaborate with this young and upcomer with such great passion and natural talent.

Keep your ears peeled for the finished product when it surfaces later in the year.

You can check out what Jack is up to on Twitter @JackVidgen and at

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