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BLOG / 28 Mar 2017 /

Jaden Social partners with PNMG

In 2017, Jaden Social will team up with PNMG to work with a maximum of 10 schools to build a world class online community.

We understand that Australia’s great schools forge the future in so many ways.

More than their commitment to world class education, they tirelessly build communities that inspire, explore and promote the enduring values that underpin our way of life.   

At Jaden Social, our passion is in supporting Australia’s great schools to maximise their value to the communities they serve, and creating the platform for the communities to contribute to the ever evolving educational landscape.

This symbiotic relationship, when properly nurtured and supported, creates dynamic, world class learning environments – with engaged parents, empowered staff, and confident students, ready for the challenges of the 21st century.

The social media and information age brings challenges, but with the cutting edge support of Jaden Social, also brings efficient, collaborative and effective clarity around the things that make our schools so valuable.

Across social media, video, photography, digital advertising, optimisation, remarketing and retargetting, 3D animation and print, our support of Australia’s elite schools and their communities stretch back to 2001.

About PNMG

Between 1995 and 2009, PNMG set the standards for exceptional enrolments and capital appeal campaigns at Australia’s most prestigious and emerging schools.  Award winning, highly successful web, DVD and print materials, supporting enrolments and capital appeal targets.

Their most successful projects were with Abbotsleigh, Loreto Kirribilli, Kambala, St Peter’s College (Adelaide), Shore, St Joseph’s College, SCECGS Redlands, The Scots College, Knox Grammar, Barker College, Walford, Westminster, St Catherine’s (Melbourne),  PLC Sydney, MLC (Sydney), MLC (Melbourne), Churchie and many others. 

How the partnership started

The crew from Jaden Social and the team from PNMG worked shoulder to shoulder for the first time in 2016 on an international aid project.

Together, they developed, promoted and supported the execution of an enormous not-for-profit undertaking, gathering 150 volunteers from around Australia, raising over $250,000 and building 12 houses in an impoverished community in rural Indonesia.

The event, as with the pairing itself, was such a success that in 2017, the two groups combined their digital marketing skills and attributes building a strategic communications offering for the elite schools community.

In 2017, Jaden Social will be working with a maximum of 10 schools to build a world class online community, providing significant advantages over competitors in enrolments, and engaging parents for future capital developments.