Creating the Perfect Fan by Knowing WHY you Create

Creating the Perfect Fan by Knowing WHY you Create

What can we learn from customer service as musicians and creatives? How to create the perfect Fans. The best brands whether they are retailers, airlines or hotels are the best brands because they create Promoters.

What is a Promoter?

In business, a customer who recommends your product or service to a friend or family member is a Promoter of that business.

In music, your customer, your Promoters, are your Fans who recommend your music, the experiences you provide, to a friend or family member. They risk their reputation recommending you to others. They have faith in everything you do. They will go out of the way, spend a premium, to get their hands on what you create.

How do you create Fans?

You provide them an experience that will make them feel amazing, whether that be a gig, a tune, a personalised message to them and them alone. You give them such an experience that will make them give you a standing ovation on your execution on delivering that experience. They feel good when they think about what you create.

Let’s take a page out of customer service.

I think we as creative professionals can also take inspiration from customer service and aspire not to sign multi billion dollar recording deals, or sell a platinum record, or create the next big sound, but rather start small, start grassroots. In an age where people are overly concerned about fame and fortune, and not the WHY behind the fame and fortune, you can stand out by creating what only you can create to make your Fans feel spectacular.

Think about how you want your fans to feel when they associate themselves with you, and bring these feelings to life. Call them fans, brand loyalists, Promoters, whatever you like, but don’t forget that you create fans, loyalists, promoters based on how you make them feel, and how likely they are to recommend your services, music, photos, gigs, to a friend or family member.

Inspired by the work of Fred Reichheld.

Guest post by Udhara de Silva
Musician, writer, digital media connoisseur

Udhara De Silva | Jaden Social

Born in Sydney, raised in the Middle East, Udhara has spent the
past few years living in Europe and Australia, writing music and
seeking inspiration in the intersection of business and art.

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