Dream Team
DREAM TEAM / 11 Jan 2018 /

#DREAMTEAM: Getting to know Charts Editor, Peter Tuskan

It’s fair to say that Peter Tuskan breathes all things music, media and management related, having finished a Bachelor of...
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DREAM TEAM / 17 Aug 2017 /

#DREAMTEAM: Getting to know Senior Digital Account Manager, Amy Copeland

It takes a special type of person to take on the role of account manager at Jaden Social, and Amy...
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DREAM TEAM / 17 May 2017 /

#DREAMTEAM: Getting to know Head UX UI Designer, Zoran Licanin

Our Head UX UI Designer (and international superstar) Zoran travelled to Sydney to work out of our office for a...
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DREAM TEAM / 3 May 2017 /

#DREAMTEAM: Getting to know Social Media Editor, Elise Ferrari

Elise Ferrari (no, she doesn’t drive one) joined the Jaden Social team in February 2016 as an account manager, before stepping...
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