6 Reasons Why Making New Friends Can Help Market Your Music on Instagram

6 Reasons Why Making New Friends Can Help Market Your Music on Instagram

Social media is a bit like high school. To successfully market your music you need to apply many of the same strategies used by the popular kids

Like making new friends, effective promotion on Instagram isn’t just about selling your music …

It’s about selling yourself.

How to find your crowd

1. Strategically assess, target and befriend a group who has the same interests as you

Follow 30-50 new users in your genre or niche market daily. The easiest way to do this is to perform a hashtag search for keywords (click on the “Explore” section of the application).

If you’re already established on other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr, post a call-to-action that asks existing fans to follow you on Instagram.

2. Throw a party and invite all your friends

Start a conversation with fans ahead of shows.

If you’re playing a gig, festival or venue in a different city, use the ‘follow’ strategy above to find and interact with fans.

There are two main strategies to do this:

  • search the venue name and follow users who are following that venue; or
  • search the geographic location of the venue and follow users who come up in search results.

This is an excellent way to reach and engage with fans before your arrival – a strategy that builds anticipation around live shows as well as a loyal following.

Loyal fans are more likely to talk about your music with friends, serving to further promote your music without the need to invest any additional time or effort.




3. Make friends with their friends

    • Create a target list of musicians who sound similar to you and who have a large audience and follow their fans; and
    • Follow people who like and comment on pictures of your existing followers; and
    • Like pictures of people who like and comment on your existing followers’ pictures.

For best results, try to target and follow engaged users who post regularly.

4. Pick the right team

Tag your images with hashtags. This organises your photos with related images from other users, allowing more of your new friends and fans to find and follow you.

5. Start a trend

Create a themed photo series or post one picture per day. Show some personality and offer fans an exclusive insight into your world. Images should be representative of your music: live gigs, pictures with fans, recording sessions, album artwork , Youtube videos and impromptu exchanges between band members (use Instagram’s video feature).

This takes less than 2 minutes per day but provides fans with a sense of regularity and anticipation at the promise of a new post. Include a clever caption that adequately explains the picture so that fans are also able to engage with your band on a real and personal level.

6. Sell yourself

Include a profile link that directs fans to your online store or website (Spotify, Amazon, iTunes).

This provides fans with an easy way to listen to and purchase your music directly from your Instagram profile.

In conclusion

Remember that sharing is the most powerful form of communication. Give more of your charming self to fans & followers and they will reciprocate in kind.

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  1. Great information!

  2. We are a very young band. Some awesome advice here for us and it really does help. Thank you from all @MinsterCon

  3. This is great info, but only if you have a 3rd party app to track your followers/unfollowers on IG. Still, love your articles!

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