1 Year, 2 Offices, and 30,000 Followers Later!

1 Year, 2 Offices, and 30,000 Followers Later!

As I sit down to write in this, the second week of the new financial year, Jaden Social is now one year old, 30,000 Twitter followers richer, and more than 15 people strong – pretty incredible stuff considering I was sitting alone in my silky boxer shorts, skyping with Joel, as we worked from our respective bedrooms this time last year.

But what is perhaps even more astounding is the fact that we are now inhabiting not our first, but SECOND office since Joel & I put on our pants and migrated to the bustling backstreets of North Sydney in November 2012.  This is largely attributed to the unexpected explosive growth of Jaden Social, but in addition to this we are now a part of something even bigger – sharing our journey and our office with some truly amazing people and and their start-ups.

Jaden Social Offices Social Family Records, headed up by close friends, partners and music industry veterans Jake Challenor and George Said, is flourishing as a ground-breaking, first of its kind, truly “Social” record label. Incidentally, SFR also has its first birthday coming up next month.

BrandPRSocial is an exciting new publicity and social media consultancy with the youthful yet highly experienced Kimberley Lee at the helm.

Luxus is an internationally successful marketing agency originating in Finland, now entering Australian soil under the guidance of the very un-ordinary Antti Vappula.

All in all, it makes for one seriously dynamic, fast-paced and above all else FUN working environment with and within these four spritely young organisms.


Ok well that’s enough on the business side of things for today.

To celebrate some monumental milestones and our eternal appreciation for our own exponentially amplifying social family, ie you guys, we would like to run some very special offers for the remainder of July.

And here they are:

1. 60% off our guide, How to Market your Music on Twitter, which has now sold over 2,000 copies since its release last year. Normally $24, but yours for only $9. Find out all about it here.


2. 50% off the usual price of our Twitter Promotion Pack - now $200/mth when you sign up in July. Read about the pack here.


3. Half price Digital PR packs, normally $900/mth – but now a special celebratory price of $450. Full pack details here.


If you are interested in taking us up on one (or all) of the above offers, simply head over to the linked pages anytime this month and click ‘I Want This’ and one of my fabulous crew will literally drop the gameboy they’re playing and rush to help. That’s how much we care!

Before wrapping, I just want to again say thank you from the bottom of my heart to each one of you who have in some way joined me and the Jaden Social team on this journey – our readers & subscribers, clients, and anyone else in between.

It’s been real!


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  1. This post makes me all warm and fuzzy… what a year it’s been!!!

  2. Yasmine Allali says:

    Happy 1st Birthday! Can’t wait to meet you all :)

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